apollo series

Your new stompin’ grounds. 

The Apollo series is an essential collection of pure analog guitar pedals that feature unique functional twists. Each pedal is outfitted with our proprietary V-Switch velocity trigger, which lets you chart two distinct effect variations and activate them with different stomp pressures.

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black line

Dynamically inspiring. 

Our elite Black series of pure analog guitar pedals features dual-channel switching and true bypass to showcase the diversity of your guitar style. Hewn from rugged components, Black series pedals stand up to anything you encounter along your musical course.


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bass line

Hear the thunder. 

Meticulously crafted for gigging and recording bass players looking to rattle the windows, our Bass series blends pure analog sound with modern innovations. Each pedal features true bypass switching and dual channels—giving you the power to sculpt and activate unique tones that accent your playing.

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setting a new course for sound

From our laboratory deep in the heart of Australia’s Blue Mountains, MC Systems brings the ideas of madcap inventor, sonic pirate and globetrotter Warren McAlister to life. Our pure analog guitar pedals feature unique and innovative twists that push sonic boundaries and empower musical exploration.