about mc systems

The MC Systems story is one of untamed lands, inscrutable characters, and exotic soundscapes. At the heart of it is Warren McAlister—30-year veteran of the electronic instrument industry, sonic pirate, and madcap inventor. One day, Warren left his laboratory in the Blue Mountains of Australia and embarked on an expedition to give voice to the sounds of uncharted territories. And with only a hastily scribbled note promising his return and the distant sound of propellers thrumming through the air, he was gone.

Since 2013, Warren has contacted only a select few of us by means of coded messages transmitted from his salvaged aircraft radio, and packages wrapped in the pages of an old nautical atlas. Each package has contained a guitar pedal that represents a leg of Warren’s travels, and defies the modern concept of analog tone and meticulous design.

Meanwhile, back at the MC Systems laboratory, we test, tweak, and distribute these landmark guitar pedals to give you the power to explore exotic guitar tones.

So plug in, tune up, and prepare for a journey of undiscovered sound.